We meet in Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin.


Park Opening & Closing Times

The official opening time is 10.00 am.
A bell sounds half an hour before official closing.

A special thanks to Herbert Park Authorities for allowing us the use of their lake facilities.


How to get to Herbert Park


History of Herbert Park

Herbert Park is named after Sidney Herbert (1810-1861). In 1903 the site was offered to Pembroke Urban District Council for development as a public park. The famous Dublin International Trades Exhibition was held on the site in 1907. Thereafter the lands were developed as a public park.  
The existing pond was constructed for the exhibition that year to house the 'Canadian Waterchute', but today little else remains of the original buildings. The following year the "The Dublin Society of Model and Exerimental Engineers began sailing their boats and running their model steam trains on a 105 feet multi guage elevated track for up to 70 years, In 1932 the 32 acre park was taken over by Dublin Corporation. The park is separated in half by a road, also called Herbert Park.
A full circuit of the park's perimeter is almost exactly one mile, a fact used by runners and walkers to measure their progress. The larger half, on the south side, which is also bounded by the river dodder, houses a number of soccer pitches, formal gardens, a large pond. The northern half is home to a public children's playground, a number of tennis courts and the bowling green. The park's pond has proven to be an excellent location for breeding of carp, which can grow up to 2 feet in length.