Questions and Answers


How long does to take to build a model?

That depends on the how much spare time you have, the model type and the amount of detail you wish to incorporate into your model.

When is the best to build a model boat?

Ideally, start working in the winter and have the model ready for its maiden voyage the following spring or summer. Whatever you have, a boat around 3-4 feet, just long enough to fit on the back seat of a car and not too heavy (mind your back!).

What are the basic boat parts

A boat hull and fittings, an electic motor, a motor speed controller or steam plant to drive it forward or reverse, an FM radio transmitter and receiver set for overall control. .

How much detail?

One tries to get as much realism into your boat as possible, such as engine sounds, whistles, hooters, smoke generators, fire hydrants, aldis lamps (sending morse code) anchors and lifeboats being raised and lowered, the list is endless and is only limited by one's imagination.

Boat Rescue

To date we have successfully recovered any boats in trouble, the lake is bordered by a wide footpath and the average depth is about 3 to 4 feet depending on the season.

Radio frequencies

Each boat is controlled by its individual radio frequency. The club is responsible for the organisation of the radio frequencies used.