Welcome to the Irish Model Boat Club

In these days of mayhem, madness and corruption one might ask"where would one find a model husband, a model wife"? The answer is simple - Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin. It is in Herbert Park that you will find these model men, model women, all members of The Irish Model Boat Club, sailing their Lilliputian fleet of boats in harmony with the ducks, swans, coots and all the other water fowl that make their home there. The motley crew of twenty or so members, that make up the club, come from all walks of life, eg: Communications, Civil and Public Service, Electricial, Teaching, Mechanical, Maritime, Nursing, Engineering, Army, etc. There is no upper age limit, because you are as young as you feel.

Sailing times

We sail every Saturday afternoon from 3pm all year round (even when the pond is frozen - we have a model ice-breaker)


Because of the noise and danger of oil pollution, internal combustion(I/C) engine powered boats are not permitted on the lake.


We sail in a public park and therefore we must have 3rd party insurance cover.